L'actualité s'illustre

An exhibition of works created solely for the news (L'actualité)! Thus illustration Quebec wants to acknowledge the contribution of this magazine in the development of talented illustrators here.

The program includes a thirty works published in The News, which has witnessed the rise of great talent, Michel Rabagliati Isabelle Arsenault through Gerard Dubois, Andre-Philippe Cote and Yayo, to name a few. Many of them have won multiple national and international awards.

Information: September 10 to October 22, 2010 from 11 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

À marée haute - Carol-Anne Pedneault at the !llustre Gallery in May!!

The !llustre Gallery and the artist Carol-Anne Pedneault are happy to invite you to the vernissage of the exhibition À marée haute, on Thursday, May 6th, 2010, from 6:00 pm. À marée haute is the first solo exhibition of the artist. The exhibition gathers a dozen large size illustrations resulting from an exploration inspired by the river which dances in front of her window everyday, in parallel with the contemporary dance which inspires her just as much. For the occasion, her accomplices and muses, Gabrielle Desgagnés (from Iles-aux-Coudres as well) and Sophie Breton, which both count among the emerging talents in contemporary dance in Montreal, agreed to pose for Carol-Anne. On a day of cold and big winds of April, they met in at the tip of the end of the island, at high tide, for a photography session more that inspiring! It is based on these images that the presented illustrations were realized. A mixture of body in movements and sea in movement... Careful cause therefore, the tide will be at its highest on Sainte-Catherine street on May 6th 2010. You’ll even be treated to a short contemporary dance performance. Hope to see you there!


The artist PIFKO is happy to invite you, on Thursday April 8th at 6 pm, to the vernissage of his latest exhibition, MJ at the !llustre Gallery. The exhibition will be presented from Thursday April 8th till Saturday May 1st, 2010.

Known for his hyperrealistic illustrations, PIFKO has worked in the illustration field for more than thirty years. General-purpose artist, he works in close collaboration with most of the advertising agencies of Quebec.

The seven paintings composing this exhibition were finished and painted while the singer was still alive. This exhibition is an invitation to rediscover this character of multiple faces.

AIIQ's drawing club

Another good proposal!

The concept is simple:
Every two weeks (every two Wednesdays) you will be invited to investigate a character in drawing. The results will be posted on a blog which I specifically created for that purpose. The is no special rule apart from the respect of the given subject.

All mediums are accepted. It can be a 5 minutes doodle or an incredicle 20 hours of work piece. There is no limitation here...  EVERYTHING will be posted!

There is no obligation to partcipate each time but remember.... The more the merrier!

The first objective? Fun!
The second one? The opportunity to investigate subjects far from your usual work and to share that with others...

Does it interest you?
Communicate with me: banuoplus@gmail.com

Louis-Philippe St-Laurent

Live model workshop at Illustration Québec